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Restaurant Software & Hardware Company in India

About Romio Technologies

Romio Technologies excels in providing Complete IT solution for Restaurants, Hospitality, F & B Industry, Retail, QSR, Night Clubs, Food Courts and Caterers. Our Wide range of services include hardware and software solutions.

POS Billing Hardware

Smart, effective and automated technology, to manage the business operations seamlessly and grow your business. Romio's Hardware is compatible with multiple billing software. Our Range of Hardware includes--- Touch POS, Printer , Android Touch POS, Handheld Device

Restaurant Billing Software

A complete billing solution for restaurants, Retail, Hotels, Cafes, QSR, Night Clubs, Pubs and Bars, Cloud Kitchen. Our Restaurant Management solution is versatile in nature as we serve a plethora of outlets, regardless of size and formats. You may choose from the POS Billing and Management software that best suits your needs. Our ERP(workflow)is completely an integrated system with options of Tablet Ordering, Self Ordering, Online Ordering and Home Delivery system. Romio aims to operational excellence and improving the efficiency of the Restaurant. Romio team provides its extended support during the complete cycle of selection, installation and training. Our team is always enthusiastic to help you and resolve your query during your operations also. Choose from our wide range of software solution.

Why Romio Technologies?

The core task of Romio Technologies is to make the jobs simpler for the restaurants by using the technology, which helps in increasing the productivity.

Simple to Use: Our system requires an extremely low learning curve.

Hybrid operation mode : Our software works in both offline and online front.

Romiotech Multiple Operation System

Multiple Integrations –

We provide integration with Food Aggregators, Online Payment Integration, SMS Integration and Watsapp Integration.
Romiotech System Pro-Active Approach

Pro-Active Approach:

Our professionals are on their toes to provide quick support.
Romiotech Automated Approach

Theft Control:

We prevent theft in your restaurant with our automated practices.
Romiotech No Data loss

No Data Loss:

We have a backup for everything, that means no loss of data.
Romiotech Reports Generator

Analytical Reports:

We provide detailed reports on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.
Romiotech Contact less Approach

Contactless :

Experience a complete QR Based billing for contactless operations with us
Romiotech 24*7 Approach

24*7 Support:

Our time is there to support the restaurants throughout.

Our Clients

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Client Testimonials

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