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Romiotech POS Billing Software Romiotech POS Billing Software

Swiggy Zomato Integration POS

Romio Restaurant POS is a billing system that caters to the Restaurants. Its graphics based interface makes it easy to use and fast to implement hence reducing the training time. The system is suited for different type of hospitality set ups from Fine Dining to Quick Service, Cafes, Bars, Pubs, Food Court, Membership club and any more. The system is suited for different type of hospitality set ups from Fine Dining to Quick Service, Cafes, Bars, Pubs, Food Court, Membership club and any more..Our Restaurant POS Billing System is equipped with multiple features like

  • Multiple Access Rights
  • Splitting a Bill Item wise or Amount wise
  • Easy Table Shifting
  • Inbuilt Theft Management
  • Multiple Categories and Sub-Categories of Menu creation.
  • Enhanced with Promotional offers/ Happy Hours
  • Discount Options
  • Multiple KOT based on Categories of Menu.
  • Multiple Payment Mode
Billing System For Restaurant

Restaurant CRM System For Feedback & Home Delivery

Home Delivery/ Take Away

Track the Delivery of the Orders by the customers as well as the Operations Team of the Restaurant through our Home Delivery Module. It comes integrated with the CRM so as to maintain the record of each Home Delivery and the Feedback by the Customer as well as of the Delivery Boy

  • Complete your Home Delivery Billing
  • Manage packaging/delivery charges.
  • Capture Client information
  • Assign Delivery Boys

Online Ordering App Integrations

Receive Orders from Online Ordering Aggregators like Swiggy and Zomato directly into POS with our integrated POS Application.

  • Receive orders from Swiggy, Zomato directly in your POS
  • Manage Processing and Discharge of delivery order From POS
  • Generate Combined and Segregated Report for each aggregator
  • Speed up services and simplify the operation by avoiding handling multiple Ordering Panels
restaurant billing software

Billing Software for Restaurant

Online Ordering

Manage your Orders from Online Ordering portal directly to the POS

  • Receive orders from Online Ordering Portal Directly in your POS
  • Increase Efficiency of processing orders using a consolidated Ordering Screen
  • Maintain Customer Records through CRM

Inventory Management

Inventory management enables you to completely manage your stock..

  • Manage all Stock entries.
  • Manage multiple inventories like Raw material, Semi Finished or Finished Product inventory.
  • Manage Stock In and Stock Out entries to be reflected on Menu
  • Generate variance based on actual consumption and ideal consumption.
  • Alerts on Stocks reaching a predefined minimal amount.
POS Billing Software for Restaurant

POS Billing Software for Restaurant


Helps in making fact based decisions by getting insights into your business Real Time

  • Receive Multiple reports on Inventory, Purchase, Consumption of the stock
  • Generate reports based on Sales, Billings, Ordering Pattern, Discounts, Cashier Reports etc for easy analysis.
  • Accounts related Reports.
  • Variance reports to manage the wastage and promote decisions based on realt time facts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Is it an Online or Offline model?

A- Romio POS works on a hybrid model. We use Cloud Based technology to implement Online and Offline models. This hybrid model provides an advantage that even if there is no internet connectivity your billing will not stop. But you will also have access to live sales and other data online.

Q- Does this POS system cater to only the transactions that happen in the Restaurant?

A- Along with the transactions that happen in the restaurant the POS also receives directly the Orders from Third Party Aggregators like Swiggy, Zomato. Besides this, we can also use a module of online ordering where we can integrate our Online Ordering site for direct orders in the POS.

Q- How many KOT can be taken in one order?

A- The number of KOT is configurable as per your operations in the restaurant. You may opt for a single KOT or multiple KOTs. For example, you may choose KOT for food orders to directly be printed in the Kitchen and a KOT of Bar order will be printed in the bar, so here different departments can be configured for various KOTs.

Q- What is the maximum number of users for one License?

A- There is no limit to the number of users on a License. Moreover, you may specify different access rights for different roles.

Q- Does this Restaurant Billing POS ensure Theft Management and Pilferage?

A- Yes, Theft Management and Pilferage control is the inbuilt feature of the POS. Various Real-Time Alerts and Analytical Reports Leads to Control Theft Management and Pilferage.

Q- If I grow my business, how will my different outlets be managed?

A- We have a complete centralized solution in case you grow your business into multiple Restaurants or move to a franchise module. You may consider our ERP where you get Centralized Inventory Management for the chain of restaurants, Recipe Management, Purchase Module, HRM, CRM for complete automation. Here you can centrally manage updates in any or all the Outlets.

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