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Liquor shop Software In Gurgaon Liquor shop Software In Gurgaon

Romio Liquor Shop Billing Software

Romio Liquor Shop Software is a highly efficient system to manage the entire operations of Liquor shops. Automate all the operations to be executed in Liquor Wine shops. The software is highly proficient in managing Complete Operations, Inventory, Sale, Back Office, Head Office, orand MIS integrated with Bar code application(1D or 2D) with a unique feature of Single Bar Code Scan – multiple entries in different computers, Romio's Liquor Shop software stands out to be one of the best software solutions in the stream.

Liquor Billing

POS Billing for the counter sales

  • Cash Drawer Integration
  • Single Bar Code scan with multiple entries
  • User Shift Management
  • Discounts
  • Govt. Taxation and Regulation implications
  • Multiple Payment Modes
  • Multiple Access Rights
  • Managing Out of Stock Inventory
liquor shop billing software india

Liquor Shop Inventory System


Centrally manage all the inventory of the stock in a Liquor, Shop to get a complete view of all the available stock.

  • Maintain Opening Stock
  • Maintain Closing Stock
  • Record Breakages
  • Alerts for out of Stock Inventory
  • Stock Summary
Liquor Shop Inventory System


Streamline the purchase and maintain stock smoothly with a highly efficient Purchase module.

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Automate Direct Purchases
  • Generate Purchase Orders
  • Maintain Supplier Ledgers
Liquor Shop Purchase Module

Liquor Shop Analytical Report Generator

Analytical Reporting

Multiple Reports to enhance easy follow ups and decision making

  • Sale Reports enabling all sales-related data can be classified to Category Wise, Time based, Hourly Sales, and many more
  • Inventory Reports - Various Inventory reports to analyze the stock movement.
  • Cashier Reports - Multiple cashier Reports to analyze performance
  • Supplier Reports - View various reports regarding Suppliers
  • Variance Reports - Enhance decision making based on real facts using these reports.
Liquor Shop Analytical Report Generator

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Can I maintain inventory at two different systems by scanning the bottle only once?

A- Yes, it is possible with our system that you scan once only for sale and this scanned bar code will be updated in more than one system. For example the scanned barcode will be updated in Romio software as well as other software. This save time as this features reduce multiple scanning and finally the scope of inventory issues is taken care of. This also reduces the billing time and results in faster and accurate billing.

Q- Can I give discounts on Romio billing systems?

A- Yes, Romio Billing system for Liquor shops and wine shops can configure multiple discounting and promotional schemes.

Q- Can I handle my multiple stores through this system?

A- Being highly scalable and robust is our key feature, You can see Live sale of all your stores, manage inventory of multiple stores, Purchase and other activities through our centralised system from anywhere.

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