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What is Bar Stock Exchange?

Bar Exchange is a concept where prices of drinks are changed in real time on the basis of demand & Supply and multiple other factors which drive the pricing.

Romio Bar Exchange Software enable you to design your entire Bar to stimulate a real stock Exchange. Customer gets an experience of real stock market while trading on Bar item Prices. This unique involvement of the customer boost the sales by 40% of the existing sales.

Bar discounts based on Happy Hours implies the compulsion of fixed hours of Discount only. But the trend is changing and so is our client who is attracted toward the Price changes but not for a fixed time. Bar Exchange on the other hand is not a time bound activity for changing the rates.

Benefits of Using Romio's Bar Exchange Software
No Manual Discounting

It eliminates the need of manual discounting, thus reduce the adverse effects of uncontrolled Discounts on the Bar profits.

Increased Customer Involvement

Bar exchange is a very unique customer involvement activity , which results in more time spent and hence positive reviews and Feedback.

Increased Efficiency

Efficiency of Bar Sales increases with the rise of 40% of current sales

High ROI

Return of Investment on Bar exchange is 65% higher than a normal Bar.

Complete control over Price

The owner has a complete control over the price

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