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Kitchen Display System

Kitchen Display System Software In Gurgaon, Delhi

An automation to minimize the use of paper tickets used primarily to communicate the Placed orders to the kitchen directly through Digital screen which has a better display which is easy to read. Romio’s KDS system can completely upgrade the way the food is routed.

Some of the features are:

  • Real-Time Order – The kitchen receives Orders the movement they are placed
  • Customer Recommendations – Any specific customer comments for the ordered dish can be communicated to the kitchen through KDS.
  • Push Notifications – Set order notification sounds for new orders.
  • Order categorization – On KDS the orders can be divided as per different meal courses.
Kitchen POS Display


1. Increase service speed as the orders are not transferred manually
2. Increase efficiency as automation of ordering directly to the kitchen reduces the chances of inaccuracy and miscommunication.
3. Better overall customer service. By reducing the overall trips to the kitchen of the service staff the restaurant can provide better service to the customers.

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