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We visualize the importance of ultimate goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth. Knowing your customer, serving them to their satisfaction and getting repeated clients is again a challenge in this ever changing industry of FandB. Our CRM module is a step toward this goal and we successfully achieve our target.

Applications of Our CRM Software

  • We have a Dynamic CRM system offered on SAS .
  • Managing your Guest detail by recording the customer information.
  • Customer buying behavior and complete order history
  • It is smart sense helps the customer choose their orders.
  • It is enriched with various loyalty program and discount cards for the customer.

Some of the loyalty and Customer engagement strategies you can implement using ERP by Romio are:

  • Pre paid Cards Helps you to generate cash flow in advance while creating long term customers at the same time.
  • Privileged Cards Enables you to offer discounts to high spending and regular customer.
  • Cash Back Cards Reward your customer and enable them to redeem on subsequent visits
  • Gist cards Offer rewards to first time customers and make them repeat visits.
  • Points based Loyalty cards Customers earns points at every bill and can redeem them as and when required.
  • Next Visit offer Reward guest based on the number of time they visit the restaurant. Ex. Free beer on next visit.
Customer Management Software In Gurgaon

What Is CRM Software?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management Software is an automated tool to organize and streamline the functions of an organization. The motive of CRM is to strengthen the relationship with Customers by understanding & serving according to their needs & recording thereof. This unique technology helps to optimise the functions related to Sales, marketing, purchase, billing, etc at one place and to lead to the growth of the company.

How CRM Helps Your Business?

CRM helps connecting the market, customers, sales, etc all together. This tool gathers & evaluate the relevant data so that quick customer support can be Provided. In Short, it provides a 360-degree view of your organization where you can have the track on all of your business activities and can measure the day to day performance.

Uses of CRM Software in business:-

  • This technology-based automation system automates business activities by reducing human error.
  • It helps to save time and energy.
  • Improvised Strategies lead to satisfied customers.
  • Chances of conversions are on the higher side due to immediate follow-up.
  • It makes your business services more trustworthy
  • It helps to improve & Optimise the Marketing Strategies
  • Healthy Customer Relationship
  • It allows you to draw comprehensive business insights

Be it small Start or huge organizations, CRM becomes the primary need to improve the customer experience. By automating the production, purchasing, selling, marketing, CRM software facilitate the recording and evaluation far better.

Why Romio Technologies- CRM Software Development Company

  • Pricing: This is the primary concern every business entity looks for. We make sure to offer the best CRM software solutions at cost-effective pricing which helps to measure the ROI as well. We, Romio technologies ensures solutions at competitive pricing.
  • Support: Usually customers have a bad experience in terms of support, but we ensure offering 24*7 support so your work does not get hamper even for a nanosecond.
  • Security: Software contains the business data related to customers, vendors, suppliers, etc, the security of which is the prime concern. With offering cloud-based CRM platforms, we ensure high-standard security.
  • Customized & User-friendly: CRM should be handy so that user can use it easily. ROMIO Technologies make sure to offer customized solutions after knowing the needs and requirements of the clients.
  • Professional Staff: No company can survive without having experienced and qualified staff members. Our Professional & technical Team always tries to offer the best solutions.

Even if your organization grows, and the number of customers & Vendors grows, our CRM Software Solutions will serve you anyway with great expertise and professionalism. To survive in this modern era, one must have professional & Customised CRM Software Solutions.

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