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Online Ordering System

Enable your customer the power of ordering food online using Responsive Website Ordering. Use this online ordering system supporting multiple payment mode and comes completely integrated with the Cloud Kitchen POS system.Avoid High commission aggregators, Enhance your online presence, Add spectacular food images, Create your own offers on your website ordering Application.

Order Management

A complete management of orders coming through multiple sources. Track all the orders for multiple brands in a cloud kitchen via multiple sources like online ordering Web Application, Third Party aggregators or telephony through one system only. Reduce the hassle of handling different system for different orders or different brands. Increase efficiency, visibility, tracking just through one system.

Cloud Kitchen POS system

RomiosPOS system for cloud kitchen completely handle multiple sources of Orders. Alerts the staff for each new order received and Supports operations for multiple brands of the cloud kitchen under single POS umbrella.

Inventory Management System

Manage inventory across multiple cloud kitchen or a multiple department in a single cloud kitchen and keep a full overview of stock movement of raw material or semi finished items across different department. Generate PO when stock level reaches a certain reorder points.

Kitchen Display System

Optimize the operations of cloud Kitchen by using our Kitchen Display system. The system helps to eliminate the need of KOTs . Help decreasing the waiting time, reduce the error in order processing as well as increase in kitchen efficiency.


The cloud kitchen module implies the integration with third party aggregators letting your business accept online orders from multiple online food ordering mediums and accepting multiple medium of payments through Payment gateway integrations.

Delivery Management system

An advanced delivery fleet management system for tracking and managing deliverable food. A complete system for order assigning, dispatching , tracking and managing delivery food.

Analytics and Reporting

Analyze your business with decision making analytical reports . Create Brand –Region dimensions for reporting . Analyseordering reports for the orders received through different Online ordering channels etc. Get reports on mobile auto generated at Day end.


Maintain a database of your online customer through CRM. Use our module to encourage QR code based Loyalty Programs, special discounts, paybacks and other special offer for privileged customers. Romio’s CRM is Integrated with SMS packages for promotions and visibility of your brand.


Show your customers that you care, take valuable feedbacks online to maintain a relation with your customer as this is the only point of contact with your customers in online ordering. Also promote the experience of happy customers, to encourage more customers.

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