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About Us

Why Romio ?

Romio Technology- Software Company

"Romio Technologies is providing fully customised POS Billing software for Restaurants, Hospitality, F & B Industry, QSR, Night Clubs, Food Courts and Caterers. Our Restaurant ERP(workflow)is completely an integrated system with options of Tablet Ordering, Self Ordering, Online Ordering and Home Delivery system. Romio Technologies is offering the solutions on cloud as a SAS model which give freedom to our customers to expand their business without worrying about hardware and infrastructure. Romio Technologies is focusing on mobile solutions for the Restaurant and F & B that can enhance the sales, aims to operational excellence and improving the efficiency of the Restaurant. Romio team provides its extended support during the complete cycle of selection, installation and training. Our team is always enthusiastic to help you and resolve your query during your operations also."

We are always looking for specific approach to each
cases and provide full solutions.

We are 11 year old software company focused on providing ERP solutions to Hospitality , F & B Industry, chains of Restaurants, QSR, Night Clubs, Food Court and Caterers. Started with POS system software for Restaurant and Food Industry in 2007, now we have expanded to tablet solutions where we have eliminated the requirement of POS hardware.

Our Product is successfully operational in 1000 + outlets contributing to their smooth operations. Romio Technologies is focusing on mobile solutions for the Restaurant and F & B that can enhance the sales, aims to operational excellence and improving the efficiency of the Restaurant .

Management team of Romio Technologies consist of young and dynamic people which will consult you to operational excellence In a cost effective manner.

    Our high quality and cost effective solutions help Hospitality Business Growth:
  • Increase Revenue
  • Build Loyalty
  • Provides better Customer Service
  • Security and Theft Management
  • Lower costs
  • Works on On Primes, in the Cloud and Hybrid
Home Control Security System

Endless Possibilities and Opportunities

"ROMIO Technology is India's leading Hospitality domain focused software company which is working with several National & International Brand in the country to provide a suite of technology solutions enveloping a brand's choice of technology.

For more than 11 Years Romio Technology has focused on providing solution that meet the needs of
restaurants and food service operators.

Thanks to our vast knowledge and experience in the Hospitality and Food Service Industry, we are able to offer scalable solutions to manage the complex operational requirements of organization within such diverse industries as Restaurants, Food Courts, Clubs, Pubs,
Hotels, Coffee Shops, Sweet Shops, QSR and many more......

It is one of the known Indian Brand for End To End Software Solution Company which has done more than 1000+ installations
across India and Overseas

ROMIO Technologies

ROMIO Technologies - The complete food service business solution increase the efficiency and margins of your food service establishments, streamline processes, speed up tasks and make your customers happy. ROMIO has a flexible, highly scalable and powerful software solution used by Restaurants, Food Service business.

This easy-to-use and fast-to-implement Restaurant Software solution empowers management and staff, having them all the tools they need to satisfy their customers in a simple and easy way. Whether you run an elegant table service restaurant, a chain of busy Cafes and Quick Service establishments or a Cafeteria, ROMIO has the solution for all.

FROM Head Office to Front of Desk ROMIO has an integrated system therefore the POS, Back Office and Head Office all use the same application which makes it possible to track individual transactions from the POS to the general ledger, maximising your control over the business.

Speed is key to ensure Great customer experience, restaurant need a reliable and secure system that is easy to learn, simple to use generate quick transaction and manage their key business data.

With over 11 years of experience, we ensure that you get the best guidance