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Romio ERP system is one of its kind it has all the modules of centralised billing for Outlets, Supply Chain Inventory, Central Warehousing and Base Kitchen Modules, Distribution System with Franchising Module. Our ERP is designed to help your business in this competitive environment. It comes with following modules that will enhance your capabilities because of its centralized behavior

Inventory Management System
ROMIO IMS consists of Cost, Center, Stores, Purchase, and Receiving modules. All these modules make it truly exceptional for the Hospitality Industry.

Some of the features and benefits of ERP Solution include:

  • Fully Perpetual Stock Control
  • Track Stock Movements and review stock levels at any given time
  • Generate Purchase Orders when stock levels reach certain re-order points
  • Easy to use stock facility that is compatible with PDE Devices
  • Can operate in Multi-Department Mode for stock control across a number of outlets.
  • Create Recipes
  • Manage Food Costing
  • Develop Costing for Functions
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ERP Software Management System

ERP Software Recipe Management and Menu Engineering

One of the most important factors that determine the success of a Restaurant is the right Menu mix. Are all Menu Items priced scientifically? Is the Restaurant prompting Menu Items that generate good profit? Should the prices of some of the Menu Items be revised or should they be removed from the Menu? Above are the some of the questions that a Restaurant Owner should take on a periodical basis for the success of business. Our product successfully helps the owners in making these decisions by providing the right information.

Material Processing and Meal Planning Module

Create process and link Raw Material (RM) with processed items with cost contribution and Wastages. Transfer of Finished and Semi-Finished Items and maintain their inventories.

ERP Planning & processing Module
ERP Analytics Software

Analytical Reports with ERP Software

  • Graphical Reports for easy decision making
  • Live Dashboard for multiple outlets
  • Brand - Region dimensions for Reporting
  • Auto generation of reports at Day Closing
  • Reports on Mobile
  • Multiple Outlet wise Reports.
  • Various reports on Stock, Inventory, Suppliers, Expenses, Profit, Sale, Finance, Bills and many more...
  • On Time Alerts.
  • Call Center Module to take Centralized Order

Live Dashboard and Business Intelligence.

Analyse business trends, opportunities from multiple dimensions through intuitive graphs and charts with the help of ERP Software. Take fact based and data driven decisions to improve profitability.

It is a known fact that the ability to access information at the real time can facilitate quicker decision making which in turn adds to the success of your Restaurants and Food Service Operations.

In a highly competitive business like Restaurants', it is imperative for any Manager or Owner to have an in-depth knowledge of the business trends and the customers. Romio Business Analytics for restaurants allows you to analyse the data and also helps you in optimizing operations to control costs an increase revenue.

Romio Business Analytics for Restaurants comprises of Live Dashboards and Business intelligence and it is integrated with Romio POS software, Head Office Pos software for restaurants and hospitality business.

    Benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

  • Helps you in taking fact based decisions
  • Insights into your business Real Time
  • Real time MIS and Masters (Promotions, Tax, Security, etc.)
  • Determine opportunities and Live Sale on your Smart Phone.
  • Customer Buying Behaviour and Order History
  • Centralised Controls, Offers and promotions
  • Generates Coupons and Discount Cards
  • Analyse Staff Performance and cut your Administrative Cost
  • Powerful and Reliable High Speed Data Replication
  • Centralised CRM solution
ERP Software For Business Intelligence

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