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What is Bar Stock Exchange ?

Bar Stock Exchange is a synonym to the stock market, which provides real-time experience for trading in alcohol and spirits. The bar stock exchange software is primarily designed to bestow the individuals with a unique trading experience while drinking and dining. Here, one can experience real-time dynamic pricing, with prices going up when the crowd orders the same drink and decreasing when there is less demand for the drink.

The Bar Stock Exchange software creates an ambiance similar to that of the real-time stock exchange market, where prices of your liquor initiate with the lowest circuit. The amount later keep on increasing if the demand is high and decrease if the demand is reduced. The rates are automatically slashed to its lowest circuits resulting in a market crash with the system’s inbuilt Artificial Intelligence. The entire system is responsive on the real time activities with the benefit of complete control of prices in the owner’s hand.

This unique concept, which attracts customers, can boost more than 40% of the sales in restaurants

Smart Features of Romio's POS Billing Software for Bar Stock Exchange:

Romio's Software provides smart and effective features helping breweries, bars, and pubs increase their productivity
and capture the customer's attention by keeping them engaged.

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Dynamic Pricing:

Attract more customers, increase your sales and revenue by offering dynamic prices to the customers. Let your customers play along with the prices through the effective bar stock exchange software.
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Higher involvement of the customers:

Lure your customers through this customer engagement activity, which pushes the customers subtly to spend more time at the bar.
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Say good-bye to manual discounting:

No more manual discounting, compiling of discounts that affect the bar's profits. Instead, automate your entire pricing system, and see your profits soaring high.
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Detailed Reporting:

View detailed representation of data in the forms of tabs and graphs, which helps understand the everyday activities at the bar. You can get hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly sales report through the detailed inventory report.
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Higher ROI:

Compared to a normal bar, earn up to an ROI of 65% with the usage of POS billing software for bar stock exchange. 
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Data-Driven Decisions:

Through customer reports, you can analyze the demand and make future informed decisions. With the help of the effective POS billing software for bar stock exchange, keep a thorough check on the inventory, pricing, and stocks.
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Integrated CRM:

Software helps in the upgradation of the customer data automatically in the central CRM. Also helps in creating different customized programs for the highest engagement of the customers.

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